Success Stories

War Survivor’s life Restored after 20 years of pain

40-year old Akello Scovia (not her real name) lives in Agago district, Lakwa, Kasisiro West, with a family of 6 children. Due to injuries sustained during the LRA war, Norah had been living with a bullet/bomb splinter in her arm for over twenty years when, in 2018, the African Youth Initiative Network provided the resources for surgical repair and extraction of the splinter.

Healing transforms war survivor's life

Ochaya Bosco, 55 with 4 children from Achiru North, in Agago district lived for 22 years with retained bomb splinters from the LRA war. In 2018, he got relieved when he received rehabilitative surgery from the Medical and Psycho-social rehabilitation program implemented by African Youth Initiative Network.

Former abductee survives pain from a retained bullet

Rebecca (not real names) was abducted in 1998 at only 7 years. The two brothers she was captured with escaped only after three days and this earned her a severe beating as a punishment. Before long, she was trained as a child soldier to be on the frontline.Outrunning soldiers without food, rest and often jumping over dead bodies became routine


Former child soldier makes peace with self and family

Richard Odongo is a 24 year old born and raised in a family of eight in Lalwa B village in Pajule sub county, Pader district. At first sight, Richard, a tall young man, looks like any other youth from the village; however, his behavior is a little different from that of most of his colleagues.


Child abductee overcomes haunting past

I recall when I killed a certain lady to grab a sack of white beans. The next morning when I passed the place I shot the girl, I found body had changed like the beans I had gotten from her; it was white even to the clothes. This made me so afraid and terrified, I thought the lady was a ghost… Whenever I see white beans, I think the girl is close to me, sometimes I see her in my bed then I pray a lot to send her away from my house.

Young war victim trades wounds and scars for hope and inspiration

“I want to thank God and the People who helped me because now my friends do not call me bad names any more, I can hold a stick and a cup very well. I am even going to study well to become a doctor to help other children like me.”

My Life given back

While in captivity I suffered sexual violence, beatings and I was subjected to carrying heavy loads. The worst was when I saw a recruit who attempted to escape. It was a very painful experience to see a person’s neck being chopped and slaughtered like a chicken, from that day every time I see a chicken being slaughtered I remember that boy,

After I returned the boys voice still echoed in my Ears saying please don’t kill me have mercy.”

My Life Awakened


“When I returned from captivity. I was very surprised to meet my elder sister whom I thought was dead. My step mother accused me for laying a trap to kidnap my step brother. when I broke the news of his death, tension increased. My step mother didn’t have kind words for me. She said I would have been the dead one, Why was I left while my brother was killed?”

Youth Leadership promoting peaceful conflict resolution

In 2014, I joined an AYINET-trained youth group in at home in Ngetta, Lira.

I was amazed at the way people in other existing youth groups conducted their activities, mediated conflict, had the confidence to speak in a public forum, and also trained other youth. From then I felt a sense of belonging in that youth group and with my already inborn skills of leadership and problem-solving, I felt I was in the right place and doing the right thing.

Remedies and Redress to Victims of Sexual Violence

The rebels said if I tried to run they would shot me. I sat down in the mad, crying loud. Two of them stepped on me as their commander came from inside my house.  They hit my knee and I was severely tortured and sexually abused.