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Our Commitment

AYINET is Committed to Making Peace and Justice a Reality for Victims and Survivors of War

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Uganda’s Elections and Beyond

The upcoming elections demonstrates our progress in a democratic journey. There are existing social barricades and areas of concern that are sad and shocking with horrifying experiences that hurt our collective dreams as a nation.

UBS Global Visionaries donates hundreds of computers to AYINET for peacebuilding

As we usher in 2021 – the year of powering possibilities, AYINET team is filled with great optimism, positivity and gratitude to the Global Visionaries of UBS for donating over 200 computer sets and printers as well as financial support to AYINET.

Victor OCHEN, along with the AYINET team take a picture with some of the Computers and Printers donated by The Global Visionaries of UBS at AYINET offices in Lira

Our work

Restoring lives of war victims


Healing War

AYINET provides mental and physical rehabilitation to victims in post war communities of greater northern Uganda

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Transitional Justice in Uganda

AYINET works to ensure access to justice for war affected communities with women’s empowerment and particiaption.

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Youth Leadership Development

AYINET mobilizes and empowers young people to champion peacebuilding, conflict mitigation and reconciliation.


Success Stories

“The soldiers were overpowered and retreated to the hill from where they were firing heavy artillery towards the rebels who had now surrounded our home.

News and Media

Victor OCHEN addresses the UN Security Council - 2nd October 2019

Victor OCHEN addressing the UN Security Council on peace and security in Africa under the African Union Youth for Peace program - Mobilizing youth towards silencing the guns in Africa 2020.
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Restoring the lives of war victims

26 year old Nancy Auma, is one of 574 beneficiaries  men, women and children who have benefited from free reconstructive surgery, medical rehabilitation as well as counseling under the United Nations' Peace Building Programme (PBP) for Northern Uganda,
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Enhancing resilience and recovery among war victims

On 18th February 2020, AYINET organised a one day annual stakeholders meeting at Margaritha Hotel in Lira Uganda. The meeting had representation from victims' communities, Government leadership, Civil Society Organisations and cultural, religious and opinion leaders from the greater northern region of Uganda;
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Victor OCHEN raises Sustainable Development Goals' Flag 16 for Peace and Justice in Uganda

“There can be no Peace within a person suffering in pain, This is the Peace we desire, that includes physical and emotional healing from the atrocities suffered.” Victor OCHEN.
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Young war victim trades wounds and scars for hope and inspiration

“I want to thank God and the People who helped me because now my friends do not call me bad names any more, I can hold a stick and a cup very well. I am even going to study well to become a doctor to help other children like me.”  
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Youth emerging as Leaders and Game changers for Peace and Reconciliation

The youth are undeniably a key force in achieving peaceful communities and forming paths to post-conflict recovery..
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Medical Rehabilitation Programme

Medical and Psychosocial Rehabilitation

AYINET provides physical and mental healing to war victims in greater northern Uganda who suffered gross violations that include mutilations, retained bullets, bomb splinters and trauma

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Mutilated victims of torture treated
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Trauma support for victims of war

Transitional Justice

Engaging Leadership at all levels to ensure Justice for Victims

 …“I express my deep respect to victims and survivors of crimes who experienced unspeakable atrocities. Instead of being crushed by war, you struggled and regained your dignity. Above all, your efforts in helping other people regain their dignity too. Mutually, the time is now we have to stand up in solidarity and protect the human rights for all. I want to thank the African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) for organizing this memorable War Victims Football Match, they created opportunity for all of us to stand up and support victims of war”

 United Nations Secretary General, H.E Ban-Ki-Moon 


…“Collectively, our solidarity with war victims’ world-over. I wish to applaud the African Youth Initiative Network- AYINET, for hosting the War Victims Day Football Game. Football has brought us together today. World leaders, ICC State Delegates, War Victims and all people of good will for the noble cause. As we participate, each in our unique ways, we have the opportunity to identify with our brothers and sisters whose lives have regrettably not only been affected, but also defined by war and other cowardly acts of terrorism and crimes against humanity. Together with the United Nations, we in The Republic of Uganda express our solidarity with war victims”

President of Uganda, H.E Y.K Museveni



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International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation


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