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Victor Ochen – Executive Director

Victor was born and raised in Lira district in northern Uganda.  His experience growing up in an IDP camp shaped his desire to be part of the peace building and community development process.  In 2005, he founded AYINET with a desire to mobilize youth and communities to contribute to peace and justice in northern Uganda.  “I am proud to be a part of this dedicated team of young people who suffered a lot during the war but who are now doing amazing work to rebuild their communities.


For years, we have been doing difficult work in hard-to-reach communities, supporting those who are the most physically and emotionally injured.  It has been heartbreaking and challenging at times, but it has also been uplifting to see the outcome of our work, and it has helped me to realize that it is possible to restore peace, justice and human rights in practical terms to the lives and families of the most severely affected people.”     Read More



Joseph Manoba Akwenyu,   Legal Advisor


Advocate of the High Court of Uganda and all other Courts of Judicature, has vast experience in the Legal Aid Service Provision. He has also worked at the International Criminal Court’ Victims Participation and Reparations Section (VPRS) in The Hague, Netherlands as a visiting Professional and therefore possess valuable experience in International Law and International Criminal Law






Jackson Opio – Health and Psychosocial Unit


“Our emotional, spiritual and mental status determines our physiological well-being. Likewise our frame of reference therefore, rationalizing human perception is significant for individual functionality” Jackson said








Martin Oenen – Program Manager Teso Region


Martin is from Kumi district in eastern Uganda and has worked at AYINET since October 2011.  “My work gives encouragement and new hope to people that we reach or target.  Personally, I like development work that promotes and uplifts the lives of the most disadvantaged in our society.  The team at AYINET builds confidence within me to do my best every day.”






Grace Diana Akello – Project officer - Gender


Diana is from Apac district in northern Uganda and has worked for AYINET since October 2011.  “Our project on gender and culture has empowered many women and helped heal their emotional wounds.  We use the project to sensitize communities that have faced a lot of violence in the past to express themselves creatively through music and dance.  As a woman myself it makes me very happy to see widows supporting themselves, their families and their communities.”





Anna Aonyo – Accountant


I am a Ugandan from Kaberamaido District and have been working for AYINET since 2011 managing Finances. AYINET is a lovely Organisation to work with because it does not discriminate its staffs in terms of gender, religion, political parties, tribe, region etc. Here staff work as a team and stay as a family.







Odwar Denis -  National Coordinator for Transitional Justice Project (AYINET-Uganda)


I am a born of Apala Sub- county, Alebtong District, in my capacity of the Coordinator TJ Project, “It is my desire to see justice done and respect for the rights of war victims.” He said.









Spela Kunej - Transitional Justice Strategist


Spela is a lawyer from Slovenia with an LL.M. from IHEID and the University of Geneva. She collected work experience at the Slovenian ombudsman and a Berlin-based refugee law firm. After a short detour to corporate law, she has joined AYINET in February 2014.








Onen Richard Olum - Mental Health Counselor


“I am a Uganda from Paicho Sub County, Gulu district; I grew up from an IDP Camp in Northern Uganda, abducted by the LRA, suffered but escaped after sometime. All that I have passed have made me to become a peace maker. I like my job, because it has changed life and built hope for tomorrow. We need peace and a just society in the world.”






Otim Moses A  -  Communication Officer, AYINET


Moses is from Adwari in Otuke district. He says; “Let’s wake up, walk, laugh, eat, greet, live, work and sleep with peace. We need peace to change and unite the world. With peace, we are one, without peace we are untrue to ourselves and to the world. From peace in oneself to peace in the world.”







Reeve Jacobus  - American Peace Corps Volunteer


Reeve Jacobus is a Peace Corps Volunteer from Mississippi in the United States. He will be staying in Uganda for two years, and he is thrilled to spend his time in Lira with AYINET. He is interested in the connection between health and peace building.









Steve R Namanya -  ICT Specialist


I am from Kiruhura district it's been a great  experience to be part of the AYINET team.










Auma Scovia  Monitoring & Evaluation Officer


Auma is from Kitgum district, her words; “I am very happy to have joined AYINET because it has enabled me meet youth from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, AYINET helped me learn a lot. I am proud of my culture. Sell culture, be proud of culture.”








Okello Freddy Stephen - Communication Officer


Is a Ugandan from Koro in Gulu district, he says; “growing up in Northern Uganda, going through suffering, seeing what happened made me wish to work for NO war repeat. In AYINET-Uganda, we work as a team and want to achieve our objectives.”









Egopel George  Project assistant, Gender


George is from Otuke district, he has worked with AYINET since 2011. He says, “let’s come together as one and speak out our grievances because a problem shared is a problem solved. Remember, friends do not worry when not recognized but always try to be worthy of recognition but do not get that everything comes to a person who hustles as he waits.”







Owiny Isaac  - Account Assistant


 Is a Ugandan from Alebtong district, has been working with AYINET since January 2013. “AYINET is a very interesting organisation to work with because of team work.

I wish all well. This is a place I can develop my career.”









Adero Susan  Receptionist - AYINET


“I come from Lira Municipality. My work at AYINET is to welcome and interact with so many different people from different places. It’s quite an experience. I like what I do and I love AYINET- Uganda.”








Okello Moses  Transport Officer


Moses is from Alebtong district and says; “In this world we have to be generous. Therefore, we cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”









Aloka Jacob  -   IT Volunteer

Jacob is a student from Gulu University persuing a diploma in computer sciences. He is from Oyam District.

He has been part of the AYINET family since 2012. "I love this place!"








Gobba Raymond Ogwal - Mental Health counselor

Working with those who are emotionally and psychologically handicapped is a passion. Seeing them smile in love for healing gives me comfort and joy. Working with AYINET has given me chance to give my all. To those who are living in trauma as an outcome of war to bring transformation in their lives through transitional peace and justice.






Wanyang Jimmy, Clinical officer

Oh! I love the AYINET environment and what it’s doing for the community who have physical and emotional wounds as an outcome of war in the Ugandan families. I am proud to be an implementer in restoring peace, justice, and physical emotional healings to victims of war.

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