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Surgery and Psychosocial Rehabilitation to War Victims

AIYNET restores functionality to victims

Background:  Victims of the LRA war are still suffering from a variety of problems, including mutilation, sexual abuse, physical deformities from torture, burns, and retained foreign bodies, such as bullets and bomb fragments.

Objective: To provide these survivors with reconstructive or general surgery and psychosocial support.



AYINET and medical workers reach out to victims.  After conducting medical assessments, patient’s profiles are sent to consultant doctors for evaluation.

Evaluations and Surgery

After approval, patients are transported to the proper medical center.  There, they receive psychosocial support and the medical operations they need.  Throughout the process AYINET takes care of all the basic essentials, from feeding, accommodations, medical bills, transportation, post-operation follow-up and counseling services.  Additionally, counseling is offered to family members and communities.


AYINET checks in with patients to ensure their proper recoveries.  It also works to mobilize communities’ and families’ support towards the victims.

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